Gayle E. Arnold founded our law firm in December, 1997.  At the time, Mr. Arnold was a respected, well-known civil trial lawyer.  As Managing Partner for the Columbus office of the largest medical malpractice defense firm in the state of Ohio, Mr. Arnold had handled hundreds of cases and was highly sought after to defend professionals throughout the state.  That firm developed a comprehensive team approach to the investigation and defense of professional negligence claims.  With the collaboration of nurse legal assistants, physician specialists, pharmacists, pathologists, and other healthcare specialists, Mr. Arnold achieved unprecedented defense verdicts in challenging cases.  From this experience, Mr. Arnold formed a new law firm, choosing trial lawyers with proven trial experience and high-level litigation skills.   One of Mr. Arnold's original selections to the new firm was John B. Welch, whom he chose to run the Dayton office.  The result was a law firm where every lawyer had significant trial-related experience and where lawsuits were aggressively defended by experienced trial lawyers.  Since its inception, the lawyers at Arnold Todaro & Welch have tried over 175 cases to jury verdict.   

In 2002, the firm's name changed to Arnold Todaro & Welch when Gerald J. Todaro and John B. Welch became partners.  Gregory B. Foliano joined the firm as a partner in 2007. 

Mr. Arnold died unexpectedly in 2007.  The firm to this day continues to follow his vision of high expectation and aggressive representation.  We counsel and guide our clients through the maze of the legal system with personal service and focus on winning results.  Our philosophy remains the same; to obtain the most favorable results for our clients.   We defend our clients' reputations with a focused, calm and confident intensity, utilizing litigation strategies that recognize the inherent uncertainties in the law and medicine that confront physicians and professionals on a daily basis.  Armed with the understanding that medical and professional decisions must be made despite these uncertainties, we provide our clients with the best obtainable results.  

The unique strength and reputation of Arnold Todaro & Welch is its unflinching focus on defending doctors and lawyers in the courtroom.  We are willing and often do take on difficult, even catastrophic, injury and damage cases to trial in order to defend reasonable and appropriate care.  We also defend cases through verdict, if necessary, when the assessment of value and damages is different than the opposition.  Just as important, we will not throw money at non-meritorious cases just to avoid trial.  Alternatively, we do not expose our clients to undue risk, if the facts and circumstances warrant a reasonable resolution without trial. 

Located in Columbus and Dayton, Arnold Todaro & Welch continues to be one of the premier trial practice firms in the state.   There are few firms with this level of experience and success in the courtroom.