We Built Our Reputation

Protecting Yours




Arnold Todaro Welch & Foliano is uniquely dedicated to representing medical and legal professionals against malpractice claims. We know that a claim of professional negligence is a serious accusation with long-term ramifications. Our mission is to defend you with skilled, experienced trial lawyers who appreciate the intricacies of defending complex litigation. 

We are

  • Experienced trial lawyers who aggressively defend the care and reputation of our clients with purposeful and thorough preparation.
  • Committed professionals with a deep and broad understanding of the complexities of medical/legal issues.
  • Accomplished, tenacious attorneys with a history of achieving winning results and successfully defending, through trial when necessary, medical and legal professionals.

Your reputation is built on a commitment to quality care and compassion. The attorneys of Arnold Todaro Welch & Foliano have more than 175 years of combined experience. Our reputation is built on protecting yours. We are committed to delivering a strong defense in every case. Our expertise is proven by our trial results.