Welcome to Arnold Todaro Welch & Foliano.  We are a trial law firm dedicated to the representation of medical and legal professionals in the defense of malpractice claims.  We are experienced trial lawyers who aggressively defend the care and reputation of our clients with purposeful, thorough preparation to achieve winning results. 

A claim of professional negligence is a serious accusation with long-term ramifications.  Our lawyers focus on knowing more about the medical and legal issues involved than the opposition.  We emphasize preparing the client to present sophisticated medical/legal concepts to a jury, with explanations that are not only understandable but persuasive.  To defend against a malpractice claim, it makes sense to have a law firm with a focused practice dedicated to winning such cases at trial.  The physician's and lawyer's career, reputation and future demands that success is not an option, it is an expectation. 

The mission of Arnold Todaro Welch & Foliano is to successfully defend, through trial when necessary, the medical and legal profession against claims of negligence.  We accomplish this mission with skilled, experienced trial lawyers, who appreciate the intricacies of defending complex litigation.  Our lawyers are dedicated to complete preparedness and strong defense of every case.  A high percentage of our cases present complex medical/legal issues and catastrophic injury claims.  Just as the physician's reputation is built on commitment to quality care and compassion, our reputation is built on commitment to preparation and tenacity. 

When founded in December 1997, the law firm was primarily dedicated to representing physicians in defense of medical malpractice claims and it has consistently held that focus. The roots of the law firm, however, go deeper than its inception date. The attorneys of Arnold Todaro Welch & Foliano have over 150 years of combined experience specializing in medical and legal malpractice litigation. This experience and expertise is reflected in our favorable trial results.




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